Subject Matter Expert

What is an SME?

SME or “Subject Matter Expert” is a user who is knowledgeable on one or many topics. Being an SME is an opt-in process, typically by the user themselves, through bot interaction.

Initially, there are no SMEs until any user sends a direct message to the expert bot indicating that he/she is knowledgeable with a certain topic (process or system in the organization).

Registering as an SME


  1. In your workspace, send a direct message to the Pez.AI Expert bot, e.g. “I know about <topic>”
  2. The bot will respond with, “Great, I have added you as an expert in <topic>.” Future questions related to the topic will then be assigned to you.

For cases like Freshchat, an SME is only registered once the Fallback assigns a topic to a specific user.