What is a Fallback?

The fallback is the default user for Expert. Whenever a question arises and there are no assigned agents to the specified topic, the question automatically directs to the fallback.

The fallback expert must have a general knowledge of the systems and processes within the organization. This could possibly be any senior employee in the company with high familiarity of various subjects essential to the company.

Registering as a fallback

Fallbackregister Registering as a fallback differs by the channel used:

  • For Slack, You can send an utterance to the bot that is equivalent to a fallback registration statement:

    1. In your workspace, send a direct message to the Pez.AI Expert bot, e.g. “make me the fallback”
    2. The bot will respond with, “Great, I have added you as the fallback expert.” All questions without an assigned SME will now be directed to you.
  • For Freshchat, the email used to integrate on Pez.AI Dashboard becomes the default fallback.

Can I have multiple fallbacks? What would happen?

It is possible to have multiple fallbacks as long as users register themselves as the fallback. However, for expert to work properly, there must be at least one fallback

When there are multiple fallbacks, the fallback without an open question will get the next question. If all fallbacks are free, one of them will receive the question randomly.