Everybody Wins With Expert

We all know time is precious. Yet it gets wasted so easily every day. A significant source of wasted time is information and knowledge sharing. Looking for information wastes 20% of an office worker’s workweek. People looking for information or aanswers to questions want a definitive answer that they can rely on. They don’t want to search multiple platforms, sift through search results, nor check to see if the information is up to date. Rather than wasting a lot of time looking for information, it’s a lot easier to ask a colleague. But this also wastes time, as it becomes a distraction to the person providing an answer. Even worse, that person may not have the answer. So the asker bounces around looking for someone with the answer. Each person contacted by the asker becomes collateral damage, losing time due to the distraction.

In the hospitality industry, this problem is solved by a concierge. Rather than looking for information about an unfamiliar city, a hotel guest can ask the concierge about how to get somewhere, hours of restaurants, etc. Librarians play a similar role, where they answer questions and direct people to specific aisles and shelves. All this information exists elsewhere, but it is generally faster to utilize the concierge or librarian rather than do look yourself.

Few organizations have dedicated concierges. Until now. Expert is your digital concierge that helps both people looking for information and those providing the information. Expert benefits askers by being a trusted, single point of contact to field questions. Rather than searching Slack, Google Drive, Jira, Trello, Sharepoint, askers save time by just asking Expert. Like a concierge, if Expert doesn’t know the answer, it will get the answer for the asker.

Human experts benefit from Expert by reducing the number of distractions they get. In most organizations, people lose 40-50% of their time due to unnecessary distractions. Many of these distractions come from people seeking answers from more senior staff. These subject matter experts are often busy working on strategic project work but can easily be overwhelmed with ad hoc questions from others. While it’s good to help others, it’s less beneficial when people have to answer the same questions over and over. Acting as a personal Level 1 support, Expert fields all the repetitive common questions and only interrupts the SME when a new question appears. SMEs save time by answering questions just like they normally do, except the same question never appears twice.

Finally, Expert is useful on day one. Unlike other chatbots that require training upfront, Expert learns with every interaction. That means your ROI starts immediately!