Handing Off A Question To Another Expert

Sometimes the human expert Expert finds may not be able to provide an answer. In this case, the exper can hand off the question to another expert.

Handoffs With Known Topics

You can hand off a question to an existing or new expert. When you receive a question, tell Expert

  • Ask @betty
  • Talk to @ellen

If Expert already knows the topic, it will confirm the handoff and provide the topic. Expert will remember that the assigned SME can now answer questions for the given topic.

Handoff with known topic

Handoffs With Unknown Topics

Expert may encounter an utterance that doesn’t match an existing topic. In this situation, Expert assigns it to the special unknown_topic. These questions are automatically routed to a fallback expert.

When assigning an open question in an unknown topic, you can specify the topic of the question. Expert will learn this topic and associate the utterance to this new topic.

  • Ask @betty. She knows about topic
  • Talk to @ellen in topic

Handoff with unknown topic