Freshchat Integration

The mechanics of Expert are slightly different inside Freshchat.

Default Fallback

The email address used to integrate Freshchat in the dashboard is the default fallback.

Answering Questions

Expert will answer all incoming questions coming from Freshchat. If Expert encounters a new question, it will inform the user and escalate the question in the Freshchat dashboard. The question will appear in Inbox > Assigned To Me. For customer-specific questions, customer service can respond to the user normally.

If CS wants to teach Expert to answer the question, a private note starting with #expert must be used to communicate with Expert. Send the note to Expert. It will remember the QA pair and send the response to the user.

Send a private note to Expert

Handing Off A Question

To hand of a question to a team member, use the Assign to dropdown menu to assign the question to another agent. Expert will treat the assignee as another fallback expert unless the topic is known.

Expert via Freshchat currently does not support dynamic learning of the topic corpus. If Expert encounters an utterance in an unknown topic, the assignee will be added as a fallback expert. Talk to support if you want to adjust your topic corpus manually.

Assign a user an open question