Dynamic Training

Learning New Interactions

When Expert receives the answer for an open question, it records the new interaction in its lexicon by

  • classifying the language,
  • generating an intent name,
  • pairing the open question with the answer.

Once the QA pair is added to the lexicon, it can be edited in the dashboard like any other interaction. That means you can add more utterances or update the response later.

Updating The Topic Corpus

The topic corpus is separate from the lexicon. It is used to define the scope of a SME. Expert learns topics over time and associates different topics to different SMEs. This mapping shows how knowledge is divided amonst people within your organization.

The topic corpus is updated whenever a new question is encountered. If the topic is known, the question will be assigned to the given topic. If the topic is unknown, Expert will attempt to learn the topic from the human expert. If the human provides the topic information, Expert will add it to the topic corpus. Otherwise, it will throw it away.

In short, the more information you give Expert, the better it can serve you.