Variables utilize the set formulas from the lexicon to fasten the process of connecting a Key and Value (Google Sheet URL) to communicate.

Adding a variable

You can add variables by:

  1. Connecting to a Google account. You can find it in the CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOT page at the lower left. Connect to Google
  2. Adding a new variable via the VARIABLES page. Add new variable


What are the accepted values for a KEY?

Variables can be defined any way you want it, as long as it only contains alphanumeric characters (UPPERCASE), and underscore symbol. (A-Z,0-9,_)

Can I have any duplicate variables?

Variables can be defined as many as you want, but KEY values are considered unique and should not have duplicates.

How can I edit a variable in the VARIABLES page?

To edit a variable, click the VALUE or KEY in the VARIABLES page

How can I delete a variable?

You can delete a variable by clicking the delete (x) in the right side of the variable.

How can I use the variable in Q&A or Workflow?

You can use the KEY you created in the response part of either the Q&A or Workflow interaction Schedule sample variable Response with variable

Once added to the lookup response the variable will be converted to the specified VALUE from the variables tab:

Thanks for your hard work =let x = uupdate(‘done for the day’, A, E, in “=