Pez.AI uses the following terminology for describing chatbot interactions. These terms are used in the succeeding sections.

Term Description
Utterance A phrase or sentence provided by a user to the bot
Response The bot response to a user utterance
Prompt In workflows, this is a question the bot asks a user, which is followed by the utterance
Intent The intention or goal of a user that corresponds to the utterance
Interaction A set prompts, utterances, and responses that relate to an intent
QA Pair Simple interaction between a user and the bot comprising utterances and corresponding responses
Workflow A sequenced list of interactions that can implement any flow chart
Lexicon The corpus that stores all the bot interactions
Conversation A realized flow of interactions between a user and the bot
Session Any number of conversations that occur with no more than 15 minutes between them. Session duration is indefinite and end once there is a gap of 15 minutes with no new utterance from a user.

Technical Description

Mathematically, we model an interaction as a 3-tuple (P, U, R) that maps to an intent i, where P is a set of prompts, U a set of utterances, and R a set of responses. Workflows form a graph G(V,E), where V are intents and E are pointers from one intent to another.