Webchat Integration

This integration is only available for Expert and Interviewer.

In the dashboard, go to Authoring > CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOT. After choosing the Webchat channel integration, you will see a new Webchat Configuration panel open with numerous options.

If you don’t see anything new displayed, trying scrolling down the page.


Fill in the form fields as you see fit. The entries will automatically update in the preview chat window at the right side of the panel. The following table describes each of the fields.

Field Description
Tagline Optional A short description of your bot displayed before its Bot Name
Welcome Message Optional This message is displayed when a user opens the chat window for the first time. Use this text to introduce the bot and let people know what they can do.
Upload Logo Optional The Bot Name you set in the About Your Company section is shown by default. You can override this with a logo. The dimensions must be smaller than 200 px wide by 60 px high.
Website Domain Required For security purposes, you must specify the domain that the webchat widget will be installed onto. Just enter the domain name, such as mycompany.com.
Speech-To-Text Paid Feature When this option is enabled, users can optional speak into the microphone and text will be generated for them.
Upload CSS File Paid Feature If the customization options are insufficient for your needs, you can upload a CSS file for maximum control of the web widget look and feel. For more information, please ask Expert in the dashboard.
Pre-Chat Form Paid Feature You can optionally display a pre-chat form in the webchat widget. This allows you to collect information from a user before interacting with them.
Colors Set the colors of the chat window as you see fit
Chat Invite Control how the widget appears when the page loads. See the section below for more details.

Chat invite

You can control how the widget appears when the page loads.

Option Description
Show chat invite bubble only Default Show a simple chat bubble with the contents of the Chat Invite Message
Show chat conversation Display the chat window itself, as shown in the Bot View
Show and expand chat conversation Display the chat window in full, expanded view
Hide chat invite bubble Don’t show the chat bubble at all. Choose this option if you are controlling the chat window via the Javascript API.

Installing Your Bot

To install your bot on your website, click the View Embed Code button. A modal will appear. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your website. For best performance, paste it at the end of the <body> tag.

Do not share your embed code publicly. The bot ID and API key are private to your account.

If you want to attach the webchat widget to a custom <div> element, enter the ID of your desired <div> in the field. Note that the element must exist!

Copy the embed code

Saving Your Changes

Pez.AI chatbots use the concept of a sandbox to hold changes to your bot. Similar to a blog, you can create a private draft. These changes are not visible in your live bot until you publish them.

When you click Save and Continue, your customizations will be saved in the sandbox version of your bot. You will then advance to the optional Train step. Click Save and Continue again to get to the Preview page, where you can publish your bot.