Slack Integration

Pez.AI chatbots work seamlessly in Slack. Depending on the bot, you can interact with them publicly or privately. For public messages, you must tag the bot to interact with it. This is by design, as Pez.AI respects your company’s privacy, so we do not actively monitor messages.

To integrate with Slack, go to Authoring > CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOT. Choose the Slack icon under Select Channels. A panel will appear with a few options. Click the Add To Slack button to authorize the bot in your Slack workspace. You will follow a standard OAuth workflow and will need to log into your Slack workspace (optionally choosing the workspace to install into). Your bot is now available in your Slack workspace.

Add Slack

Add your bot to your Slack workspace

In Slack, your bot is already available in your workspace. To message with it privately, click Add Apps or the Apps link in your workspace. Search for your bot and click the icon. You can now interact directly with the bot.

Add Slack

Removing Slack integration from your workspace

You can easily remove your bot from Slack via the dashboard. Click Authoring > CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOT and scroll to the Slack options. Press the Remove From Slack button, and we’ll be sad to see you go :(

Remove from Slack