Freshchat Integration

To install Pez app in Freshchat you need to have a valid Freshchat account with the ability to add custom bots (currently Garden or higher).

Freshchat is a live chat platform that connects with your customers on virtually any communication platform. Our Expert bot integrates with Freshchat to act as Level 1 support for your customer service team.

In the dashboard, go to Authoring > CUSTOMIZE YOUR BOT. After choosing the Freshchat channel integration, you will see a new panel open with some options. Fill in the API token, App ID, and email address. Click Save and Continue to save the configuration. Publish your bot and your settings will be live.

Once you’ve completed the integration, the bot will answer on behalf of the user who completed the integration process.

Where can I find my Freshchat API token?

In Freshchat, click Settings > Configure > API TOKENS. On this page, click the Generate Token button.

When generating an API Token, you’re only allowed to have one API Token. You can only create or change the API Token by deleting the current token.


Where can I find my Freshchat app ID?
  1. Click Settings, located in the left area of the screen
  2. Click Setup > Account Settings
  3. Click Integration Settings

Under Agent Widget, you will find your App ID.


How do I setup a webhook?
  • In Freshchat, click Settings > Webhook.

On this page, enter on the webhook field


Why do I need a Freshchat email on Pez.AI dashboard?

The Freshchat email you provide will be the initial fallback user for Expert.

How do I Uninstall Pez App from Freshchat?

Please contact [email protected] to uninstall the Pez.AI app from your Freshchat account.